About Us

Damar Langit dining is a casual dining restaurant that offers various of authentic comfort food that will suit every palate. Located on the highland, our restaurant is featured with a panoramic of astounding city and hill landscape. Travelling time of 90 minutes-drive from Jakarta and 60 minutes-drive from Bogor makes it ideal for families, groups, or individuals, seeking for a convenient yet unique getaway experience.

“As a customer oriented business, Damar Langit group set out to deliver excellence through the continuously improving quality of our menu, hospitality, and ambience”.

The notion of Damar being a signature exotic plant to only be found in southeast asia specifically in Indonesia gives out the sense of nusantara as the heaven on earth like no place else. Thus gives out the impression of niche of the country’s truest strength, its nature. As a context, Damar Group seeks out to engage with these exotic touches within its present or future ventures. Damar as a symbol in a structural sense, has always shows characteristics of strength. As a plant, Damar may be found in steep and extreme terrains. In light of such, Damar tree grasps the soil beneath firmly although having a towering physical height. Moreover, Damar tree grasping its soil not only strengthening its structure, but also strengthening the soil beneath giving the sense of empowering its ecosystem. The idea is to have this value translates into Damar group, firm as it is internally but also gives the sense of strengthening in an embracing way to its ecosystem. Damar’s meaning being in a rooted language of Indonesia, the sanskrit language of Java Island is light, the ray of the sky to shine the earthly paradise of Indonesia. In the more recent history, Damar is used to describe beacon or lamp, in a sense, something that gives out light as it enlighten its surrounding. We intent to translate the meaning of the language into a value. We believe that the notion of damar being a lamp or a beacon as it is in Indonesian is called “pelita”, Damar gives out enlightenment to its surrounding, and that is the direction we took as a value of Damar Group